What we need from you

A look at what we need from you

Prepare your property for sale - presentation is everything!

Remember back to your house hunting days? What was the first thing you noticed when you walked through the gate and into the house? Buyers tend to make their home buying decisions based on emotions, as much as on price. There are many simple things that can be done, at small cost, to enhance the marketability of your property to achieve the highest possible price.

The first Impression – make it count

Certainly, we all want to sell our properties for the highest price. Prior to placing your property on the market, to maximize your selling price, take a critical look around your property and if need be, prepare your property for sale. One excellent idea is to ask a trusted friend to have a thorough look around, from a prospective buyer’s point of view. This can be fun, with their views and comments a great help to you.

  • Does the garden and lawn look well maintained from the street? How about the nature strip?
  • Are there tree roots lifting any paving or is the driveway stained?
  • Is the paintwork chipped or peeling on balustrades or the outside of the house?
  • How is the internal paintwork, taking note that ceiling fans aren’t chipped or rusting?
  • Can you move freely through each room and passageway with ease?
  • Do all ceiling fans, lights and air-conditioners operate smoothly?
  • Are kitchen appliances in good, clean, working order? Is the kitchen bench cluttered?
  • Don’t forget floor coverings, any cracked or missing tiles, stained or worn carpet?
  • Is the swimming pool or spa sparkling clean?

Make a list of what needs to be done to present your property at its best. And then complete all the repairs, maintenance and certification prior to placing the property on the market.

Please, certainly check with us prior to undertaking any major improvements for the sole purpose of selling. We will be happy to assist and suggest options which may save you money. We know what improvements buyers tend to pay more for. That comes from our extensive property experience.

  • Does the pool or spa have a Compliance Certificate under the Swimming Pool Safety Act 2004?
  • Are there any unauthorized structures on your property, which can include fencing, garden sheds, and pergolas?

Don’t jeopardize your future sale. If in doubt, we strongly recommend you check your pool compliance with the Building Advisory Services on 8924 3641 and if need be obtain an Engineers Status Report on all structures on your property prior to commencing marketing.