Our Service Guarantee

At KG Young & Associates, we realise that our business is solely reliant upon you and that your trust and confidence in us is the single most important element of our future.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations, if we do not we want to know

Our service guarantee to you is very simple - we will

  • listen to you
  • communicate with you
  • always address your needs – first and foremost
  • provide you with professional advice and service
  • earn your trust and confidence
  • treat you with the honesty, integrity, courtesy and the care that you deserve
  • and should expect

As evidence of our integrity, commitment and service to you we will

  • not make unreasonable price projections to attract custom
  • encourage you not to hold unrealistic expectations on timing or price

As proof of our professionalism, we will:

  • provide a fair assessment of the current market value of your property
  • provide you with a choice of selling options and costs
  • implement your agreed method of sale and marketing plan
  • provide timely notification of any inspections in line with your wishes
  • communicate with you frequently
  • pass on feedback and discuss responses from potential buyers with you
  • work solely for you when negotiating the highest sale price
  • Provide professional service and advice on every aspect of selling your property from marketing through to settlement and beyond


You have the option to cancel a Sales Agency Agreement if you are not satisfied with our performance, where your concerns have not been acted upon and satisfactorily resolved within 7 days of written notification of the issue to KG Young & Associates.